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Everyday We Have More Success Relieving Neuropathy Pain.
Why Not You?

  • Reduced Pain and Cramps
  • Reduced Tingling & Numbness in Fingers, Toes & Legs
  • Experience Touch without Pain
  • Improved Sense of Balance & Fingers, Toes & Legs
  • Less Dependency on Medications
  • Improved Sleep
  • Less Restless Leg
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What Can I expect when I visit a Neuropathy Treatment Center of America?

Our state of the art facilities offer each patient that consults with us an experience like no other clinical environment. Your visit will include an exam that will determine the function of the nerves in your legs, feet and toes. This exam is not a visual exam, but a complete clinical exam of nerve function like none you have ever experienced!

This is what the doctors who are proud members of Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America have been trained to do. While other clinics do not focus on the cause of your nerve damage, which is what we exclusively determine in your clinical evaluation.

Once your doctor completes your clinical exam of the nerve fiber function, your doctor will present you with the second outstanding feature of Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America offers. Your doctor will outline a care plan that includes the exvlusive treatment packages offered only from the Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America.

Our centers off the neuropathy pain patient a package of clinical therapies that are researched, effective, non-ivasive, drug free and clinically proven to help patients improve the quality of their lives across the nation.

This select neuropathy pain relief combination of therapies has, to our knowledge, not been seen previously in the field of neuropathy care. Perhaps this is why our patients have made such life changing breakthroughs.

To further your knowledge about your possible journey to relief from pain in your feet, legs and toes, you must contact the Neuropathy Treatment Center nearest you.