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Creating a neuropathy free world by providing a safe place for patients to experience the healing benefits of our cutting edge therapeutic procedures.






  • Vision

  • neuroTCA is a non profit patient information organization whose main goal is to help create a neuropathy free world. With its connections to state-of-the-art technologies, collaboration with world renowned scientists and a dedicated group of active, certified neuropathy professionals, NeuroTCA¬† offers hope where suffering patients often see none.

    Patients share their stories of life changing care and actively donate to the positive, progressive actions of the members to benefit not only other patients but also inform the world that there is a way to overcome the suffering that peripheral neuropathy pain often brings.

    Through positive forward thinking care offered to patients connected through our site and with the diligent work of our dedicated staff we educate patients from all over the world on the perhaps little known clinically significant breakthroughs that our centers offer patients.

    While some groups focus on coping with pain and suffering caused by peripheral neuropathy, neuroTCA makes forward strides in not only offering treatment for peripheral neuropathy, but also offers prevention.  By providing patients care choices around the globe with our certified centers and spreading  information on the breakthroughs in technologies and science, we strongly believe that we can create a neuropathy free world.