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1When I started therapy, I had excruciating pain in my lower leg. The pain was so bad that it was causing me to not be able to sleep. After the first visit I was 20 minutes without pain for the first time in a long time! With my care I keep improving and the pain in my lower calf caused by the neuropathy is just about totally gone and my foot doesn't hurt at all either!
Praise God!


15When I first came to the office I had a problem with my left arm really hurting, to the point that I had to take strong pain pills that I didn't like. The pain was so bad that I had to go to the hospital because they said it was my heart, which it wasn't! My pain was affecting me so badly that I didn't laugh anymore. I usually laugh a lot and I didn't want to talk much either. Since I have been coming everything has changed. Everything in my life is 100% better. I think this office has done a great thing, thank you sincerely.


12I had two neck surgeries and two pack surgeries with rods and pins. I do a lot of walking. But the pain in my neck and back plus neuropathy in my feet made life nearly impossible. Well I brought my wife in here and while I was always scared of chiropractors, I decided to give him a try because he didn't manipulate bones. So after 5 visits on the feet I no longer have neuropathy! I can feel the cold, prick and the heat! And this is only after 5 visits that I am doing this good. Now I can walk farther with less pain.


7When I came to to the office, I was having Restless Leg Syndrome. It was so hard to keep my legs calm and still at night and try to stop kicking my husband. It made me so mad! My feet and legs were so cold that I couldn't sleep. For the past week I have not had the restless leg syndrome, and my feet are warm at night and I have been able to finally rest! Thanks!


10I came because I was having terrible headaches, shoulder pain and neuropathy in my feet and legs. I was really hoping that this office could help me because I was on a lot of medication which was really running me down. Not only were they expensive, they were screwing up my thinking and actions. Since I have been using these machines, I have no headaches anymore, my shoulder pain is gone and I stopped taking all those terrible medications. My neuropathy is gone! Life is great! Thank you!



When I started, I had severe pain in my right leg and no feeling down there. I do a lot of walking, but my problem was that I also had pain in my shoulders and in both arms. You know when you hurt all over, you just don't feel like doing anything. After my care, I noticed I am getting feeling back in my leg and my shoulders are feeling better. The doctor is knowledgeable as a chiropractor and has a lot of feeling for his patients. Anyone who is pain should come see him.


When I first heard about neuropathy treatment, I said, "No, no way. They're not going to be able to help me after 74 years!" But when I read more about it, I saw that people got better from restless leg syndrome, so I came in and gave it a try. And you know what? The good news is, it worked! I am really delighted. It has been beautiful and I am so pleased with my results. Thanks!


8When I started a couple months ago, my feet burned, they burned all the time. It was no way to live a life. They even hurt and burned through the night, so my life was really like living in hell! After my care, I have very little of that burning sensation and things are a whole lot better for me! Thanks!


I met the doctor I was impressed with what he had to say and of what he knew about my neuropathy. My hips hurt, my legs hurt, my lower back was always painful. My feet hurt and I was very anxious in the evenings and suffering from lack of sleep. My pain was limiting my ability to do everyday activities. It was painful to walk, painful to sleep and difficult to get comfortable in the evenings. I couldn't ride for very long times because when I got out of the truck I could hardly walk. I can honestly say that since I came to the office, my mobility on a daily basis has improved dramatically. I can fall asleep at night and I sleep very well! My pain level went from a 10 to a 1! My life is so much better and I am much happier. I have more energy and I feel good about myself now.


When I first came in, I was staggering like someone under the influence of alcohol, which I was not! Dr. Joe has helped me so much, I can lift my feet and toes now, where I could barely lift them before. My toes used to be numb but after just a few treatments, I can feel my toes again! The same thing with my neck, I couldn't turn my neck at all. I haven't driven a car for over a year now, because I couldn't turn my neck to back out of the driveway. Now I can turn my neck clear over my shoulder. The doctor has done a world of good for me. I would say 100% on my feet and 100% on my neck! My lower back is getting better and I don't even use my walker anymore. I really like the doctor and I think he does people a world of good. Come see for yourself!


I had nothing but trouble with my neck for a long long time. I came in to see the doctor I think like 4 times and he made me feel like a million dollars! He does a great, great job.


I had trouble with my spine since I was 19 years old. I am 67 years old today but I feel, thanks to my care here, I can do things today that I couldn't do a month ago. My neck was so bad I couldn't turn it and I used to cry from the pain. Since my visits I have been able to join an exercise class which I never would have thought of doing before! Thanks!





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